4 Types of Back Pain and Mattresses Suitable for Each Type


Do you feel like you ran a marathon, or are experiencing neck pain so significant that you can’t turn your head? Does the neck and shoulder pain even radiate into your arms and cause numbness? Did you wake up fine, but started having excruciating back pain a few hours later?

Could something be wrong? It’s possible and recommended for you see your primary care physician. But what if you still have those aches and pains even after seeing your physicians? It could very well be your old mattress!

What you sleep on affects the quality of sleep and rest that you get. A bad mattress means back pain means bad sleep means the cycle repeats itself.

There are four types of back pain. They are segmented as the cervical vertebrae or the neck, the thoracic vertebrate or the upper back, the lumbar vertebrae or lower back pain, and the sacrum and coccyx or your hips and rear. If all you want is back pain relief from one or all these types of pain, the right mattress might greatly improve your chances of a back pain-free life.

Problem Area #1: Cervical vertebrae or the neck

Cervical vertebrae pain occurs in the upper part of the spine.  It specifically refers to the upper 7 bones in the spine commonly found in mammals. They are also known as the neck bones.  Interestingly enough, the very device most of you are reading this on may be causing your cervical vertebrate pain.  Neck strain due to cellphone and tablet use compounded with not sleeping on a supportive mattress, could be the culprit for those pesky neck and shoulder aches.

Solution: Firm memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses will adjust to the curvature of your body and neck, just like any other memory foam mattress, but with a focus on firmness. The material doesn’t stretch and dip too low, thus protecting the neck from strain and allowing it to heal overnight. Try the SwissAire Ergo-Backcare mattress- designed to provide extra firm back support but also has a focus on comfort.

Problem Area #2: Thoracic vertebrae or upper and middle back

Thoracic vertebrae pain occurs in the upper to mid-back, often causing a dull or throbbing pain that can trigger weakness in your arm.  Upper back pain is often caused by back strain due to poor posture or overuse which are compounded by uneven pressures in your old mattress; your back is not given a break to recover and rest. 

Solution: Latex mattress

A latex mattress can help provide both the give and curving support to keep your spine straight and shoulder pain at bay. Try the SwissAire Ergo-Contour. It focuses on relief for the shoulder area while at the same time supporting the body in all the essential places across the entire sleep surface. This can reduce upper to middle back pain issues.

Problem Area #3: Lumbar back pain

Similarly, lumbar back pain has almost the same symptoms as #2.

The lumbar spine is the largest cause of back pain worldwide. The pain varies between dull and throbbing- similar to thoracic pain and the area of pain can either be on the left or right side, depending on the type of sleeper you are or sharp and stabbing that causes numbness in your extremities. The solution to this type of pain is similar to #1.

Solution: Medium firm memory foam mattress

While a firm memory foam mattress may be the key to solving your neck pain, a medium-firm one is a solution to lumbar pain. Try the SwissAire Ergo-Swiss as it has a comfort layer with an exceptional and unique floating sensation while achieving excellent pressure relief. All inserts and inlays in the SwissAire Ergo-Swiss are ergonomically designed with anatomic profile cutting.

Problem Area #4: Coccyx or tailbone pain

Finally, coccyx pain can be caused by several things but the most common one is prolonged sitting on a hard surface.  Basically, you can blame your job for that pain in your bum. Being a back sleeper will make the situation much worse as you are placing pressure on your lower spine all night.

Solution: Memory foam mattress

Back sleepers need a memory foam mattress to provide the proper support to their lower backs and keep pressure off the coccyx. SwissAire Ergo-Relax has an AireGel comfort layer which provides an exceptional and unique floating sensation all while achieving excellent pressure relief. It is flexible and the double layer of EvoPore HRC provides a body contour for dynamic anatomic postural support.

Regardless of the type of back pain, the prevention for further aggravation of your back pain is the type of mattresses you’re sleeping on. After all, you are literally spending about a third of your life on beds.

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