When is the best time to buy a new mattress?

Are you still sleeping on the same mattress your parents got you when you were a teenager? Have you noticed it not feeling as comfortable as it once did? If so, this is one of the many signs it’s time to get a new mattress. Not only is it essential to notice when it’s time to invest in a new mattress, but it’s also important to know when is the best time to buy a new mattress. Of course, if you’re in desperate need of a new mattress and can’t wait a couple of months to make your purchase, then, by all means, do what is necessary. What month should I buy a mattress? If you’re hoping to score a discount, then we can help you with that.

But first, let’s go over the signs it’s time to get a new mattress.

The telltale signs

Before you decide to purchase a new mattress, it’s important to assess your current mattress to determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Look at the following factors:

  • Firmness
  • Durability
  • Fabric quality

If your mattress is old and slowly showing signs of decay and wear, you may be noticing certain things happening to you, such as:

  • Fatigue from lack of sleep due to discomfort
  • Back and neck pain
  • Stiff and aching joints after a full 8 hours sleep
  • Allergies occurring from a build-up of dust
  • The mattress has signs of lumps, sagging and has stains or slight odours
  • Constantly moving in your sleep to find a comfortable spot

Are you experiencing any or all of the above? If yes, don’t ignore the signs. It’s time you went shopping for a new mattress. Let’s take a look at the best time to buy a mattress.

The best time to buy a mattress

Depending on which country you live in, picking the right time and month to buy a mattress can save you cash and time. Ideally, you want to start looking for a new mattress during the holiday season where sales, deals and promotions are announced.

As for what month should I buy a mattress? May is one of the best months as the mattress making industry generally releases new mattresses models in June through to September. That being said, when May does come around, many online and brick and mortar stores tend to clean out their older stocks through promotional deals, enabling you to purchase high-quality mattresses at a discounted cost.

Not only is May a great month to purchase a new mattress, but companies also bring new stock in preparation for Christmas by November. With that said, September is another opportunity to get some good deals.

There’s also plenty of mattress deals with products that have unfortunately not been in high demand due to more popular brands taking preference. Don’t let this steer you from considering the less famous brands, as they are just as durable and offer incredible high-quality mattresses.

Don’t rush the process, and bear in mind that you could even score yourself with a better quality mattress for a more affordable price if you’re lucky. Stay patient, and you could very well find a great deal with the best mattresses on offer.

Holiday season = mattress shopping

What’s the best time of year to buy a mattress, you ask? Holiday season!

Just because the holiday period means you shop for family and friends doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and take advantage of the holiday mattress sales. Such holiday sales that you have to watch out for include Black Friday, which is one of the busiest shopping days in Singapore, the United States and Australia. Most shoppers are armed and ready to pounce on any deal during the holiday season, so plenty of stores are ready to go with discounts and attractive bundles.

Holiday sales are also the perfect time to get the best mattress for discounted prices — ideal for change in monsoon seasons with Singapore’s hot and humid conditions.

Also, don’t forget to hunt for discount codes online. A great way of finding hidden codes is by checking social tags on social media from influencers and current users who are compensated for endorsing and promoting the product. You might even score free shipping with your coupon or discount code online.

Mattress buying tips

Now that you know when it’s the best time to buy a mattress, it’s also beneficial to have mattress buying tips for the day you finally shop for your new heavenly cloud. Let’s run through our list of mattress buying tips so you can be prepared for your shopping day.

  • Do your research

Explore what’s out there and make sure you’re fully versed in materials and different types of mattresses from latex, memory foam, coil, spring, water and air. See what other mattress competitors are selling with similar products and compare quality, price, warranty, and extra costs such as delivery. Look for high-quality mattresses that are designed according to your needs, whether that’s a back contour design or breathable memory foam for a refreshing night’s sleep. Keep on top of current deals and sales so you can know when is the best time to buy a new mattress.

  • Know your budget limitations

Just because you’re shopping for a new mattress doesn’t mean you need to go over your budget. Whether you shop during the sales and holiday period or opt to shop for a mattress during a different time of the year, bear in mind that your budget shouldn’t blow the roof. You can still find a good quality mattress for an affordable price. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for coupons or discount codes online for a bonus deal.

As an extra psychological tip when it comes to numbers, make sure you don’t get tied up in the percentage but rather look at the original cost. The moment we see 50% off, our brains automatically tell us how incredible the deal is, but how much was the original price? Are you really saving money or simply getting drawn by these eye-catching numbers?

  • Test out the mattresses in store

Don’t just jump on the latest deal and forget about going into the actual store and testing the mattresses out for yourself. That’s the whole point of having the store! And if you can, bring your partner or family with you too if you’re shopping for more than one. Make sure you don’t just sit on the mattress, but lay down as if you were going to bed. Get in your sleeping position and stay in that position for several minutes to feel if it’s the right fit for you.

Not every mattress is made for everyone, especially with our different sleeping styles of back, side and stomach sleepers. Skip the hassle of assessing which one is right for you and speak to the sales assistant to point you in the right direction for a mattress that is designed for your sleeping style.

  • Check online reviews

This is particularly useful if you can’t test the mattress out in person, especially for online brands with no brick-and-mortar locations. Checking online reviews will help you make a more calculated decision on whether this mattress is the right fit for you. Does the online brand have 5-star reviews? Do they also include demonstration videos or actual case studies? The more information you can find, the better chance you will select a reputable mattress that thousands of satisfied customers have purchased.

  • Negotiate

Whether your mattress is on sale and has been discounted, you should always consider negotiating with the sales assistant or company. Negotiating with an online store can be quite tricky, but you can always try to bargain with the sales team if you do visit a store. You can even check for the latest sales online before going into the store and asking if they offer any in-store specials. The best time to buy a mattress is during sales and holiday deals, but you can always try to negotiate any time of year.

  • Check the warranty and any extra hidden costs

Most mattress brands include a warranty of at least 5-10 years; however, mattress warranties are not always straightforward, so be sure to read them thoroughly. Check for warranty coverage from defects as well as indentations or sagging over time. Also, does your purchased mattress include free delivery and shipping? Most online stores include shipping with their products depending on how much you spend. Check if this is also applicable for any store you visit. Perhaps see if you can get free shipping by purchasing more than one mattress.

You now have your mattress buying tips and tricks, as well as the best months in the year to purchase your new mattress. Remember to take your time when purchasing your mattress and be prepared for the latest deals to sell out fast. As long as you’re prepared and have done your research, you’ll be able to purchase your mattress with ease. Contact our team if you need any information on what you should look for in a mattress, and keep an eye out for our latest deals and sales at SwissAire.