Finding The Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper, we have good and bad news for you.

The bad news? This is the trickiest sleeping position to find the perfect pillow for, and you require extra support for a comfortable night.

The good news? Sleeping on your side is actually the most popular position, more so than back or stomach sleepers, so you’re not alone in the quest to find side sleeper pillows that won’t cramp your style – or your neck.

If you’ve always gone with a standard set of pillows, you may be wondering what kind of pillow side sleepers would use.

The answer depends on several factors: your height, the mattress you use, and how active a sleeper you are.

So, how are side sleeper pillows different, and how can you find the right one? Allow us to guide you through the things to consider when finding the perfect pillow to lay your head on for the best slumber.

How are side sleeper pillows different?

A side sleeper’s pillow has more requirements to fulfill than a back or front sleeper’s, in order to keep your spine in a neutral position. No matter how you sleep, it’s important to keep your spine aligned in this neutral way to avoid placing strain on the neck and back muscles.

Side sleeper pillows require an ingenious method to ensure that your head is cushioned without being too elevated and your shoulders can be accommodated while you’re sleeping on your side. Doing this ensures that your neck isn’t taking on any extra tension whilst you are sleeping.

There are a number of ways a pillow can achieve this delicate balance. Some use extra dense down or down alternative fillings to give firm support. Memory foam is another alternative which offers firmness whilst still feeling soft; served cutout pillow for shoulders, divots to accommodate heads, cube shapes for height, or curved sides are another option to encourage the spine’s natural curvature. 

What kind of pillow is best for side sleepers with neck pain?

Several factors can be causing that morning sore neck. They are namely: your pillow and/or your mattress. When your head, neck and shoulders are misaligned, extra strain tends to be placed on your neck resulting in stiffness and pain. This could be due to the imbalance of height required for your head, whilst sleeping.

For perfect balance, you should be comfortable resting your head on the pillow with your neck straight and level and your shoulders resting easily on the mattress. Take into account the mattress type that you are using and it will determine the type of pillow you will require.

The weight of your body will be supported differently by various mattresses. Some mattresses allow you to “sink,” making a pillow with a lower height necessary to match the dip of your shoulders into the mattress, whereas spring-based mattresses maintain weight rather securely on the surface, calling for a cushion with a higher height.

What height pillow is best for side sleepers?

  • If you have a coil or spring mattress — Due to the extra spring compared to their foam or all-latex counterparts, you may discover that your shoulders sink into the mattress, calling for a high cubed shaped pillow made of dense material to provide for the extra height required to keep a level head-body support.
  • If you have a memory foam mattress — Pressure points like hips and shoulders can sink into memory foam’s core more easily, so in general, you’ll need a side sleeper pillow that is plenty firm but not focusing on the height factor. A down pillow with chambers to keep density consistent or a memory foam pillow will work well too.
  • If you toss and turn during the night — An adaptable pillow that offers both higher and lower zones will allow you to naturally find the right spots for your head and neck to lie comfortably in line with your back and lower spine, accommodating to the variating movements and positions during sleep. 
  • If you feel the heat while you sleep — A lot of us tend to run hot at night, particularly if we live in a warm or humid climate. A buckwheat pillow offers an ingenious solution to stifling hot bedding, allowing air to circulate and providing a dense pillow that will not deflate or move around during sleep. A memory foam pillow with a cooling gel-infused core can also help mitigate any nighttime sweats.

Buy a side sleeper’s pillow from SwissAire and enjoy the best night’s sleep

SwissAire offers a range of ergonomic and adaptable pillows that combine the best features of many different pillows to give you the side sleeper pillow of your dreams. For a breathable and cooling pillow that gives you all the benefits of memory foam, you’ll love our viscoelastic ergonomic side sleeper pillow, characterised by its open cell structure that allows for air circulation even on very hot nights. The unique Swiss-made design gently encourages side sleepers into a back sleeping position for a more balanced night and to help minimise back problems and neck stiffness.

If you find that your sleeping style changes a lot or you struggle to find a pillow that feels just right, our 5-in-1 memory foam pillow is just for you. The design comes with 3 different adjustable heights to help you find the perfect height for your unique neck curvature. Its moisture-wicking properties and washable machine design mean you can enjoy a fresh and clean pillow for longer and one that’s perfectly fitted to your height, mattress and sleeping style. Still not sure which pillow is right for you? Get in touch with our team and speak to the side sleeper pillow experts today.