Our Pain Ambassador – Janaga

How Our Products Impact Lives

Ms. JanaGaranjini Eravanan (Singapore)

Active Person / Sports Player

Postural Concerns:

1)  Achy and tired muscles

2)  Sore neck and shoulders

3)  Tight hips and hamstrings

4)  Low-quality sleep

Experience Journey:

As most active people, I’ve always known that sleep is important in muscle and bone recovery. A good night’s sleep does allow the body to recover and regenerate the necessary muscle and bone cells that were affected during an exercise session. However, I never realised how critical a good mattress and pillow play in the role of a good night’s sleep. 


Having been active since I was a child, the movement has always been a part of my life. From dancing to playing in nationals for lacrosse, I was constantly working out in one form or another. As I started getting older, and my training increased in number and intensity, I noticed that I took longer to recover and would wake up with leg and hip cramps in the middle of the night or have a really tight lower back and hamstring when I got off my be, resulting in me either not training and competing at my optimum or opening me up to more muscular injuries. I knew I needed to have an intervention or I would be in pain for a long part of my life.

The solution?


After doing some research and serendipity, I came across the Harmony mattress at SwissAire. All the salesperson had to say was pressure-releasing and ergonomic and I was sold. Why? Because my previous mattress was a pocketed spring coiled that didn’t support my body, let alone the muscles that needed to be released from its soreness. It even had a dent in the middle that caused my left rib muscles (I’m a side-sleeper) to be constantly contracted! That explains why my left turns were always compromised!


To aid in my side-sleeping and to provide better support to my neck and shoulder, I also used the 5-in-1 Ergonomic Pillow. All in all, with these 2 products, I now wake up rested, rejuvenated and most importantly, not in pain and am able to run out of the room pain-free. 

Harmony Mattress

Providing the perfect pressure relief and posture support to our customers.

This mattress achieves the union of optimum back support and sleep comfort just as how we desire family harmony.

5 in 1 Ergonomic Pillow

The viscolastic foam is characterised by its very open cell structure and the property to be washable up to 140° F / 60°C.

Thanks to that we are able to offer stand alone pillows with an exceptional bed climate while they maintain its freshness and hygenic properties.

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