Science Behind Us

Sleep Ergonomics is the Science of Vitality

~Numerous research also points to the benefits of a mattress being individualized to fit individual needs with spinal alignment in supine, being supported in a similar posture to that in standing
(Radwan et. al. 2015).

~The spinal column is one of the most vital parts of the human body, because it provides the main support to allow all movements possible; whilst protecting the spinal cord from injury.
(source: mayfieldclinic.com)

First Class Materials


Inspired by the intervertebral disc that has a gel like center, it is able to withstand significant compressive forces and helps to distribute pressure.

AireGel’s exceptional and unique comfort comes through it’s cushioning softness 

in combination with it’s high elasticity.

A revolutionary development in sleep technology that helps you fall asleep faster due to 

better temperature regulation and pressure relief.


HRC – High Resilience Climate

HRC are high resilient mattress materials with revolutionary climate consistency.

This high-tech product displays first-class material stability, which beats HR-foam and Latex.

HRC is a material for modern people – designed to be the innovative sleep-products of tomorrow


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