History dates back to 1937 when the enterprising businessman, Fritz Nauer, set up the first plant at Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Similar to why many prestigious Swiss watch makers insist on manufacturing their products in Switzerland. SwissAire pride ourselves in maintaining the Swiss originality of our products by producing our true ergonomic mattresses in our Zurich factory and steadfast in using the finest in Swiss precision engineering to holistically tailor ergonomics true to your personal needs. Our facilities in Switzerland follows a comprehensive safety, health and environment policy. This is realized using a customer-oriented, certified quality management system(QMS) which means we are committed to continuously optimize our products and services with a clear focus to meet your expectations. We ensure our processes follow the comprehensive ISO 9001:2015 QMS guidelines to meet market requirements. At the same time, we work just as hard to keep innovating with sustainability in mind.

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