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Mr Albert Ong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Concerns: Back pain and sleep quality

Experience Journey:

My wife and I have been searching for mattresses for quite sometime and can hardly find one that suits our needs. Finally we came across SwissAire Ergonomics mattresses during a home fair. Vern convinced us into buying this mattress and he is really professional in the consultation and knowledge to exactly identify our needs. He introduced us to buy this mattress and we have no regrets in doing this decision, even though the price is quite high compare to others but is a good investment and is worth well. After sleeping on SwissAire mattress for 3 months , my back pain problem is getting better and better, my sleep is more relax, comfort and feel great when woke up.

Thanks to SwissAire and thank you Vern for introducing this mattress to us .

Ms Bridget Jones Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Concerns: Spine surgery and hip pain

Experience Journey:

Good morning Vern. Just want to express my grateful thanks to you...Mark too...for your offer!
I do find a difference indeed after switching to Ergo Backcare mattress. Thanks again!
Hope you are well. You have a good and prosperous day.... n also the days ahead. I m sure you would!👌

Ms Jaycelyn Tay
Mr Felix Gow Singapore
Mr Louis Lim Kuala Lumper, Malaysia
Mr Vern Sia Singapore
Mdm Yeo Beng Seem Miri, Sarawak
Ms Beh Shao Min Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mdm Tan Leh King Miri, Sarawak
Mr Collin Lim Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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