Our Pain Ambassador – Vern

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Mr. Vern Sia (Singapore)

Frequent Traveller

Postural Concerns:

1. C2-C3 Loss of cervical lordosis

2. L5-S1 Slip Disc

3. Sciatic Nerve Pain

4. Ligamentous Laxity

5. Cold limbs/Numbness

Experience Journey:

Having been part of the mattress industry for a decade and being in pain for twice that amount, I’ve had the opportunity and necessity of sleeping on almost all types of mattresses. 

From Pocketed Spring to other natural fibre-filled ones, I have never found the right one for me. Until I met the Ergo Swiss mattress and my long and arduous journey came to a resting conclusion; I would not recommend Ergo Swiss to just anyone, however.

The reason behind it?

The best/perfect mattress should be the one that suits your needs most and accommodates to your ever-changing body. 

For example, I could rest on the most conventional mattresses until my sciatic nerve started acting up due to my slip-disc, resulting in me looking for a mattress that gave me dynamic support and pressure relief, instead. 

After venturing into various conventional mattress stores and having a customer experience of not having my sleep needs met, I found that only a truly ergonomic designed mattress can fit my need for better-quality sleep and recovery as it has focus care in its design.  

After 9 months of trying out the Ergo Swiss mattress, my sciatic nerve pain has reduced significantly and the numbness that has constantly plagued me has gone. However, I want to caveat by saying that an ergonomic mattress is by no means a medical or miraculous bed that can cure your ailments. 

My medical issues are still ever-present, but the Ergo Swiss has made a difference in allowing me to get quality sleep at a tolerable pain level and minimise most sleep interruptions, allowing me the restful sleep needed for me to kickstart a brand new day.

Ergo Swiss Mattress

SwissAire Ergo-Swiss, The Epitome of the finest sleep ergonomic precision.

A sensual luxury, offering a haven of sweet dreams and deep, restorative sleep.

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